Calcium Bentonite

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Product Description

Calcium bentonite is based on natural hectorite structural properties of synthetic products, the layered white
solid shape containing lithium aluminum silicate, water or ethanol, propanol and other polar solvents,
the formation of colloidal or fully swelling makes the coating viscosity enhancement, and solvent film formed
on the surface of refractory material or, to form a three-dimensional network structure, to support and to prevent
sinking refractory filler to improve the suspension stability of coatings. At the same time, the structure can be
damaged due to the higher shear force, and the loss or small shear force will restore the coating, which makes the
coating have excellent thixotropy.
Characteristics of calcium bentonite:
1, the use of a wide range of water base, alcohol base and other polar solvents in the paint.
2. The coating produced by this product has low gas content, good thixotropy and good coating performance, stable viscosity, easy precipitation and long storage period.
3, the product is non-toxic and tasteless white solid powder, easy to use.
4, small addition (according to the coating proportion, the general amount of 1-2% cheaper)

Calcium bentonite in organic solvent with high efficiency of gel, viscosity repeatability is good, has the good thickening
property, resistance to precipitation, to establish a system of good thixotropy and prevent sagging resistance, in
addition, also has good dispersing performance and fineness. It can effectively improve the system's repeatability and
prevent the hard deposition of pigment and filler. It can be widely used in paint, ink, grease, sealant, chemical, oil
field drilling, asphalt, etc., the product has pure white, the gel is more efficient, the gel is colorless and transparent.

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