Sodium Bentonite

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Sodium Bentonite

Sodium Bentonite can be used in oil drilling; ceramic tiles; refractories ;

Bentonite in transliteration, origin and use is also called K-bentonites, bentonite, montmorillonite is (also known as microcrystalline kaolinite, montmorillonite clay rock) - montmorillonite clay rock as the main ingredient, often contain small amounts of illite, kaolinite, feldspar, calcite and zeolite.
Montmorillonite is a small amount of alkali and alkaline earth metal hydrous aluminum silicate minerals.
Because of montmorillonite interlayer water and interlayer exchangeable cations, in accordance with the montmorillonite content of exchangeable cation type, content and crystal chemistry, etc., can be divided into sodium bentonite bentonite (alkaline soil), calcium bentonite (alkali soil) and natural soil (soil or acid bleaching acid clay) three.

Physical property:
The color is usually white, yellowish, because of iron content change was light gray, light green, pink, brown red, black and other miscellaneous color. With wax, clay or grease.
Chemical composition:
The main chemical components of bentonite are silicon dioxide (SiO2), three oxidation of two aluminum (Al2O3) and water.
Iron oxide and Magnesium Oxide are sometimes higher. In addition, calcium, sodium, potassium and so on are often different
in bentonite. The effect of Na2O and CaO content on the physical and chemical properties and technological properties of
bentonite is quite large.
Physical and chemical properties:
Bentonite is absorbent and can absorb 15 to 8 times the volume of water. The water after the expansion, can expand to
several times, up to more than 30 times. Dispersed colloidal suspension in aqueous medium, the suspension has certain
viscosity, thixotropy and lubricity. The mixture of fine clastic material, such as water, mud or sand, is plastic and
cohesive. Strong cation exchange capacity. A variety of gases, liquids, organic matter has a certain amount of adsorption
capacity, the maximum adsorption capacity of up to 5 times the weight of it, with a surface active acid bleaching clay can
adsorb colored material.
The physical and chemical properties of bentonite are mainly determined by the type and content of montmorillonite.
The physical and chemical properties and the technological properties of the general Na bentonite are better than the
calcium or magnesium based bentonite. Mainly in: the water absorption speed is slow, but the water absorption rate and
expansion ratio; cation exchange capacity; good dispersibility in water medium, colloid colloidal suspension of high
prices; its thixotropy and viscosity, good lubrication, high pH value; thermal stability; high plasticity and strong
adhesion; thermal wet tensile strength and high dry strength. So the use value and economic value of Na bentonite is higher.

Application of sodium bentonite:
In the mechanical foundry industry, can be used as casting molding sand, binder, can overcome the casting sand "sand"
phenomenon, reduce the casting scrap rate, ensure the accuracy of castings and finish.
In papermaking industry, used as paper filler, enhance the brightness of paper.
Using this product strong bonding properties, for the production of white latex, floor glue, paste etc..
For the thickening of suspension, stability, can effectively disperse floating powder, thickening as a water-based
paint anti settling agent.
At the same time, the use of its excellent dispersibility and expansibility, high mudmaking rate, low water loss and
colloidal properties and shear dilution ability, can be used as drilling mud with sodium bentonite.

Appearance                           White powder
PH Value                                   7—10
Moisture                                  10%Max
Montmorillonite                         55%-90%
(Particle size)Mesh                       200
Colloidal substance(ml/15g)    60—200ml/15g
whiteness                                   80%min


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