Sodium Lignosulphonate

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Sodium Lignosulphonate 

 Another name: Sodium lignin sulfonate; Lignosulfonic acid, sodium salt; Sulfonated lignin sodium salt; sodium lignosulfite

CAS No.: 8061-51-6
Molecular Weight: 10,000-100,000

Application: sodium lignosulphonate ' s properties make it suitable for a wide variety of applications in textile dyestuff, concrete admixture, water reducer, ceramic tiles, metallurgic engineering, petroleum industry, pesticides, Carbon black, Animal feed, and porcelain, etc.

Typical Characteristics:

Description                                      Yellow  Brown powder

PH value                                                           7.0-11.0

Dry maters(%)                                                    95±2

Water-insoluble substance(%)                          1±0.5

Reducing matters                                            (%) 6±2

Calcium and magnesium content(%)                0.3-1.5

Sodium Lignosulphonate assay(%)                  45-60


1.In the field of concrete additives, the sodium lignosulphonate series products can be applied as common water reducing admixture and built material of series multifunction high-performance water reducing admixtures. The products can be directly adopted as additive in the concrete .Moreover, they also can be compounded with such high-performance water reducing admixtures as naphthalene series and melamine series etc. And, they are also ideal materials for series retarding agents and pumping agents etc.
2.The sodium lignosulphonate series products can be adopted as the adhesives in the briquetting procedure in the vertical retort zinc smelters.
3.The sodium lignosulphonate series products can be used as embryo reinforcing agents in the fields of pottery and porcelain and refractory materials. They can increase the fluidity of the slurry and thus to improve the strength of the embryo.
4.In the field of water-coal paste, the sodium lignosulphonate series products can be adopted as the main compound materials.
5.In agriculture, the sodium lignosulphonate series products can be applied as the dispersant agents of pesticides and pelleting adhesives of fertilizers and feedstuffs.

Packed in plastic film bag wrapped with plastic woven sack with a net weight of 25kg each.
Kept in dry and ventilating place, prevent from rain and moisture when storage; if agglomerated, please crush and make it into solution, and its effect will be the same.

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